How to get involved with We Are Writers

Tell your school

Creating a We Are Writers book is a hugely rewarding project for a school to undertake. If you think your child’s school might like to see some of their pupils’ writing published in a real book, then let them know about us!

It costs absolutely nothing for the school to set up and publish their book, and the learning experience and sense of worth that the children get from the project is priceless. If you would like learn more about the We Are Writers scheme, take a look at our How It Works page.

Lend a hand

We Are Writers is an online service, so if you are computer literate the chances are your school will welcome any help you can offer them with open arms! In particular, the book organiser might like some advice about how to upload a cover image for the book, or need a volunteer to help some of the younger children type in their contribution.

Even if you aren’t that confident using a computer, there are lots of other ways to get involved with your schools’ We Are Writers book. You could help some of the children to design a cover for the book, volunteer to spend some time in the classroom helping the children with their writing, or act as a ‘spare pair of eyes’ and proofread the book.

Help your child

Offer to help your child with their own contribution to the book! If your child is taking part in We Are Writers, they will have been given two passwords: one to access their school’s book and another to edit their particular chapter. This means that you can go through the story together at home, or in your local library. If you don’t have access to a computer just ask your child’s class teacher, or a fellow parent, to provide you with a printout of your child’s chapter.

When you have the piece of writing in front of you, talk with your child about the plot of the story or play, where the idea for it came from, how well it works, and what sort of things could be added to it. Make sure the discussion is a positive one though, and don’t be tempted to write the piece yourself.

Your child might also like to demonstrate to you how they can enter text into their chapter, and edit their writing online. Who knows, maybe you’ll pick up some computing tips!